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Welcome to Hughes Team Racing    |    Race Number 134

In June 2003 Hughes Team Racing was formed to promote Motocross rider Michael Hughes onto the UK Motocross scene.

Since then he has progressed through the classes very well. In 2005 his younger brother Jonathan became part of the team and quickly started to follow in his older brothers foot steps by winning races on his KTM auto. Now aged 16 and 11 the brothers continue to compete weekly at different race events all around the UK. Michael and his brother are both highly dedicated athletes that train hard for their results. Since the two brothers started racing they have stayed with the same bike manufacturer KTM. At the minute Michael is riding a KTM 250 SX 2010 in the expert class which he has really got to grips with over the last month or two, Jonathan will be competing on his brothers older KTM 85 SX 2005 we hope that he can follow in his brothers footsteps on this bike .


We're Seeking Support for 2010

Are you, or do you know someone who may be, interested in supporting a Youth Motocross Rider?

17 year old Hughes Team Racing rider Michael Hughes who has been racing six years is looking for support to assist him with his racing, he has recently moved into the expert class and is enjoying the challenge and demands which come with racing the best riders in the country.

Read more about supporting Hughes Team Racing.


Michaels Latest Event

214th EVENT


East Cumbria Mxc Brampton Round (3) In Experts Class

1st race 11th - 38 points.
2nd race 6th - 30 points.
3rd race 7th - 35 points.
6th overall 103 points in total.


Jonathans Latest Event

96th EVENT


East Cumbria Mxc Brampton Round (2) in Sw 85 Class

1st race 6th - 35 points.
2nd race 5th - 36 points.
3rd race 6th - 35 points.
6th overall 106 points in total.


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